Meet Daguin and Zadderino

Once upon a time, there was a tiger who talked, named Daguin; and Cat-in-the-Hat, and a peregrine falcon named Zadderino; and a dinosaur named Baboom who was a T-rex. There was a rocket launching into the universe, and lots of people were there: Doc McStuffins was there, markers were walking around named Green, Brown, and Pink; and another tiger, named Shere Khan– who wanted to eat Blue Marker Cap! But he was a bad marker cap. Lots of animals were there, too, who loved to sing: they sang songs about God. All the oceans were purple, and they were the best; the biggest one was Azoon. The sun was green, full moons were brown, and half moons were gray; the New Moon was always invisible. All year you could see all the moons before you woke up.

Soon, a terrible crash happened! Someone mean came, named Darth Vader with his troopers! Luke Skywalker managed to stop him in his plan. But Vader had another one: he was going to chain up Luke, and make him lose his lightsaber so he couldn’t use it again. But Luke had extra lightsabers on his ship; so many that Darth Vader couldn’t stop them! Luke used the Force.

Daguin the talking tiger has stripes in a pattern of circles and bee-shapes; some were erased, some were tight x’s and some were mazes. Daguin saw Luke and roared at Darth Vader to help Luke; he has a super roar that stops people! The super roar can blow people way far away, and anything in the roar can even be blown off the planet! He figured out his super roar by himself: one day he roared so loudly that his toys and even his mom went into space and had to swim back to the planet Punkadudie! That’s how he discovered he had a super roar!

Deep in the purple ocean, there were lots of way big waves, as big as six hammerhead sharks jumping straight up without coming back down! There was also a giant marker named Orangeyellowblueorangebrownpurple, and he was so tall – he was the tallest person on Punkadudie! Everyone loved him. He could even shrink and stack on top of other colors. And he was famous for his ability to knock things over that would knock other things over: he figured out how to do it at the same time as Daguin figured out how to do the super roar! People measured Orangeyellowblueorangebrownpurple, but they had to climb a stool and use a bunch of huge rulers to find out how tall he was. He was way big! Darth Vader helped them measure Orangeyellowblueorangebrownpurple – by knocking him down! Everyone scattered, and got thrown off of the planet.

Zadderino the Peregrine Falcon zooms with a super wind; it can make a tornado that can help Daguin with his super roar! The giant marker Orangeyellowblueorangebrownpurple knocked him over when Darth Vader pushed him down, so they all made a plan: making a giant tornado pile (the super wind is so strong that it can even change shapes).

Mr. Grass could make an earthquake happen that can knock a person into space above Punkadudie! He could also make new mountains. Everyone managed to stop him. Mario came, too, with another super plan: he would make Bowser bump into Darth Vader and knock him off the planet! He and his troopers were never seen again.

When Mr. Light turns on his light, he makes light so bright that it can even be seen on the other side of the wall, but all the good guys can stop him faster. Shere Khan briefly became good to help defeat him, and the residents of Punkadudie had the moon and the sun change shape so they could turn off Mr. Light again.

The rocket launched into the universe! Nobody had any superpowers on board, but when he came back the astronaut could make fires that could burn people to pieces. An hour after he came back, he was so tiny that he disappeared. All of that made the day saved!


The Punkadudie Basics

All the animals there are imaginary and pretend; the planet is shaped like a magnet with cat ears (the cat ears are mountains). The planet has rings.

The characters in every pretend movie live there. More imaginary creatures live there too.
Apparently the goldfish crackers in Punkadudie can talk.

Punkadudie Mountains: Abumbo and Anjingo are the biggest two, but there are more – Azing, Rojo, Azul, Violeta, Amarillo, Naranja, Green, Verde, Orange, Ningo, and Mingo.

Punkadudie countries: Joon, Aloska, Syben, Mibbo, Zoon, and Zurn.